Imperial College London (ICCESS)

The Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science (ICCESS) brings together expertise in developing highly realistic medical simulation tools and environments with innovative approaches to engagement. 

Prof. Roger Kneebone

Roger is Professor of Surgical Education and Engagement Science and Co-Director of the Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science. Roger and his co-director Professor Fernando Bello lead a multidisciplinary research team whose aim is to advance human health through simulation, collaborating closely with clinicians, scientists, patients, the public, and experts outside medicine. Before joining Imperial, Roger worked as a General Practitioner and Trauma Surgeon in the United Kingdom and Southern Africa.


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Prof. Fernando Bello

Fernando is Professor of Surgical Computing and Simulation Science, within the Department of Surgery and Cancer, where he is Co-Director of the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science, leading the SiMMS – Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery research group. A multi-disciplinary research group aiming at building suitable models and simulations of clinical processes.


Prof Bello is particularly interested in the use of virtual/mixed reality environments and haptics in the context of education and training, pioneering advanced patient-specific simulation of a number of surgical procedures and clinical examinations, online and mobile simulation tools, as well as innovative approaches to contextualised simulation. He has published widely in technological, medical and educational journals, is involved in several simulation-based training programmes in the UK and abroad and is Academic Co-director of Imperial’s MSc in Surgical Innovation.


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Dr. Sofia Chacon

Sofia is the Lead Project Research Fellow. She is a consultant Paediatric Surgeon with a Medical degree from UNEFM and a Postgraduate degree at the UCV, Central University of Venezuela, her home country. She has worked in several main central trauma hospitals, for both adult and paediatric patients and has had extensive experience treating patients wounded by knife and gun injuries. Since her arrival to the UK, she has been working as a Researcher in Paediatric Surgery with a special interest in Surgical Simulation at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Under the supervision of Professor Kneebone and Professor Bello, her contributions to SHARP are pivotal to the delivery of the programme and coordination of the multidisciplinary team.

Dr. Oliver Armstrong-Scott

Oliver is the Simulation Project Officer at ICCESS involved with the co-ordination of the SHARP project along with several other ICCESS programmes. Oliver is a physician in training with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in New Zealand and recently completed a Masters of Public Health at Yale University in the United States as a Fulbright scholar. His interests include medical education through simulation, social justice and the public health aspects of injury prevention.  

Dr. Natasha Houghton

Natasha is a physician in training with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and previous simulation fellow at the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science. She investigates how simulation can be used in education and how it can enhance the translation of knowledge to practice. Under the supervision of Professor Kneebone and Professor Bello, she developed the educational content and contributed to the internal evaluation strategy of the SHARP project.


Agni Lahiri

Agni is the SHARP project manager at ICCESS. Prior to joining the SHARP project, Agni had worked with ICCESS as the simulation technician during major public engagement projects. He is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the SHARP project, as well as coordinating and fostering relationships with partners.

Dr. Reza Haghighi Osgouei

Dr Reza Haghighi Osgouei and is a Research Associate in Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery (SiMMS) research group at Imperial College London. He has a mixed background in Electrical Engineering: Control Systems (a bachelor and a master’s degree) and in Computer Science and Engineering (a master and a PhD degree). His work has been evolved around haptics and virtual/augmented reality and their application in assistive technologies and training systems. 

Dr. Myeongjin Kim

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Przemyslaw Korzeniowski

Przem is a software engineer. He obtained an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College London in 2010. In 2016, he defended his PhD thesis on “Modelling and simulation of flexible instruments for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Virtual Reality” at Imperial College. He worked on development of an age appropriate VR environment for the SHARP project.

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It would not have been possible to bring the complex vision of SHARP to life without the input and expertise of the artists in our team. Working in conjunction with our medical simulation team at ICCESS we were fortunate to have the skills of the following individuals. 

Merlin Evans

Merlin Evans is a medical illustrator, artist and educator. Director of ‘Drawn to Medicine’ and founder of the online illustration school ‘Inktuition’. She strives to visualise information in a way that makes it inclusive, engaging and just for both clinicians, patients and the general public. She is working with the ICCESS team to design and deliver practical arts-based debriefing sessions with SHARP participants. She is also working on public facing communication materials with the SHARP team.


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Fleur Oakes

Fleur Oakes is a lace-maker, three-dimensional embroiderer, a member of the Art Worker’ Guild, and a Performer-in-Residence at the CPS. Working with the vascular surgery unit at St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington, Fleur has developed several textile models used for public engagement and medical education. Most recently she has run a cross-disciplinary seminar between clinicians, conservators, and artists from the visual and performing arts.

Rachel Warr

Rachel Warr is a theatre director and dramaturg specialising in puppetry. Her productions have been performed in venues across the UK and abroad. Rachel is engaged in a number of cross-disciplinary collaborations and research projects, including projects with surgical teams, clinicians, and GPs, bio-scientist, chemists, a magician and product designers. Rachel is a Performer-in-Residence at the Centre for Performance Science. 

George Petrou

George Petrou is a London-based artist, born in 1981 in Paphos, Cyprus. In 2008 he was awarded a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design and since July 2011 he holds an MA in Fine Art/Photography from the Royal College of Art, London. Petrou mainly works with moving image, photography, sculpture, and video installation. Alongside his individual practice he works and collaborates with the London Deanery General Surgical Skills Programme, Imperial College London and develops Surgical Simulators.

Hansjörg Schmidt

Hansjörg is a lighting designer, working regularly with a group of UK based artists and theatre companies. He is also Programme Director of the MA Light in Performance at Rose Bruford College in London, and his research interests lie in the area of lighting for inter-disciplinary environments in live performance across both arts and science, and lighting as dramaturgy.


Selected lighting designs: First Touch (Nottingham Playhouse), We Are Not Finished (fevered sleep), This Is My Room and On The High Road (clod ensemble), Dido and Aeneas (Stormen, Norway), Dr Faustus and Workshop Negative (tangle), Men and Girls Dance (fevered sleep), The Glass Menagerie (Nuffield), The Red Chair (clod ensemble), Dusk (fevered sleep/Young Vic), Stink Foot (The Yard Theatre), Krapp’s Last Tape (Sheffield Crucible), Zero (clod ensemble / Sadlers Wells), Above Me The Wide Blue Sky (fevered sleep / Young Vic). Silver Swan (clod ensemble/Tate Modern). An Anatomy in Four Quarters (clod ensemble/Sadlers Wells). On Ageing (fevered sleep/Young Vic), Kursk (Sound & Fury/Young Vic), The Forest (fevered sleep), Under Glass and Red Ladies (clod ensemble). Also, with David Harradine: Stilled, and Camera Obscura.

Other projects: Kew Kitchens, an architectural installation at Kew Palace. The Beautiful Octopus Club, for Heart ‘n Soul and the South Bank Centre. And shows for Jessica Ogden and Mika Fukkai at London Fashion Week.

Charity Partners

Our charity partners worked closely with teachers across London to bring SHARP into their schools. Their efforts in connecting the program with community outreach programs as well as the Young Ambassadors with personal experience with knife violence were invaluable to SHARP’s success.


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